How exactly Forex Robot works?

Forex Robot is an innovative software, which allows you to use the profitable, trading strategy invented by our company for currency pair trading on Forex.
It’s our secret how exactly it works on the backend. However, it’s essential for you that it’s profitable and it will earn you money.

It works entirely on autopilot which means software opens and closes trades automatically. It has it’s own money management, so it knows for how many lots or micro lots the trades should be.

You can use it on MetaTrader4 as an expert advisor, and it is usable on any computer. For the best results, we recommend using VPS or cloud server.


So, what I need to do to start trade profitably on Forex?

First of all, you need to purchase a valid license from us.
After you make a payment at checkout, the license will be issued automatically, and you will get the link where to download Forex Robot installer.

After that install the Forex Robot to your MetaTrader4. You can use any broker you want (works everywhere), and our Robot will trade for you fully on autopilot.


And this is how our Forex Robot works and trading fully on autopilot, check it below: