Our focus is to offer you better options for investing your money and help you to get your financial freedom.

We work from the hearth of South Moravia Region in Europe and sunny California in the United States.

But sometimes we’re moving around the world.

It is financial freedom you can have as well if you start to trade Forex with our robots.

Don’t hesitate, change your life as we did.

CEO / Founder, Analysist

Ivo is taking care of the robots. All robots and new strategies are coming from his ming. He spends many hours every day by improving our software. He loves graphs, cells, video games, his dog and girlfriend.


Ondrej is a good marketer, manager, and IT, specialist. He’s in the business for more than ten years, and he started a lot of successful startups around the world. He loves new challenges, traveling, his girlfriend and horse riding.

Founder and programmer

We must be honest. All robots are alive because of his programming skills. He is an excellent programmer and everything that we have on mind, he changes to the working piece of programming code. He loves computers, science, and good Czech beer :).


Dasty is our dog friend, and because of him, we have our days better :).